2 Years Work Visa Permit to Dubai - confirmed 100% job before departure

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    Before I continue, let me first make it clear this opportunity is not for everyone neither is it by force.  Am saying this because of many Nigerians whose duties are to label everyone a fraud online and hence depriving others opportunities.


    1.  International Passport
    2.  Tell us your qualification and the job you like doing as we are preparing your CV along with the visa


    1.  Free accommodation
    2.  Provision of jobs before departure to Dubai.  Jobs available includes: office jobs, nursing, driving, security, cleaners.
    3.  Flight attached to visa.

    No down payment until visa and job is confirmed authentic.  For further information, call 08020369814 or come to SUN COMPUTERS @ 20 S&T Road Opp Uselu Market, Benin City.

    Note:Limited numbers of people are needed.

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