4 Working Methods I Used To Earn #20,000 Per Week

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by asifawarley, Nov 17, 2016.

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    To earn #20,000 per week you must follow the right procedures. Hear the alarm,feel the breeze,work in your sitting room,count your money on the bed and jubilate with others.

    Hear The Alarm
    To make money online you must listen to the working ways other people get little money with easy steps not searching the net silently and lonely about how to make big money with easy step,because you may waste your time and money without gaining anything.

    Feel The Breeze
    After listen to the right way try to test it because, it may not work for you or those people that advice or tells you the way may be group of scammers that try to earn money with the lies they tells.

    Work In Your Sitting Room
    After testing it,time yourself, work with the time,clear your mind (Don't have in mind that you are working because of money unless you may lose your job).

    Count Your Money On The Bed
    You've earn some money, save little and invest more in the work.

    Jubilate With Others
    After you've listen,test,work and cash money with the job try to share with others .

    1. PPC Sites
    2. Refer Links
    3. Bitcoin Faucet
    4. Ponzi Scheme

    PPC Site
    PPC sites are site that pay per click or pay per view.There are lot of PPC sites out there that are scam and few are legit but let me introduce the working and trusted PPC site that work for me.

    Clixsense is a PPC site that pay everyday with little work per day without stress.So,register to clixsense and make $20 per week as you desire.

    Refer Link
    Refer link is a link provided for each register user of a site or platform which he/she can share and later earn money for every user that register under him of her but I don't think some people know there are sites that don't pay referral for the link they share(fans2earn)so,don't fall in there hands and focus with the paying ones like Coolnaira.

    Coolnaira is a platform that pay 50% to you for every user that register under you.

    Bitcoin Faucet
    There is no way bitcoin will not take over other currency because exchange rate keep rising every day.

    Programmers and Webmasters are creating ways to earn bitcoin because is the leading currency right now but the issue is that there are lot of faucet and miner that are scam like bitminer,monterbtc etc.

    Bitmaker is the trusted faucet have ever seen with minimum payout of 5,500 satoshi.

    Ponzi Scheme
    Ponzi Scheme are sites or platform that pays huge money to new investors for the first money he/she used to invest and later fraud the investor.In the heart of all people Ponzi Scheme are scam but there are little that are legit like MMM.

    MMM is a Ponzi Scheme but is paying people like Nigerians in over 2 years ago with good testimonies every day.

    Am free...I perform the 4 methods and share.
    So,after you have perform the 4 method try to share with others and later they will jubilate with you.
    Click here to know more about Clixsense,Coolnaira, Bitmaker and MMM.

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    Nice post

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