A Note Of Advise To All 2017 JAMB/WASCE/NECO Aspirants

Discussion in 'Jamb And Post Ume's' started by Yoi.shina, Nov 1, 2016.

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    It has always been my joy to put articles like this together and at such I give every opportunity my best shot.

    From the whole admission scenario that occurred this year about Post Utme being Scraped, it dawns on me that 0level examinations will now be put in to great consideration as each grade has been assigned their points.

    This is then one thing that is still not clear to people. Not all next year university aspirant knows about this. If you are reading this article and you are preparing for any 0level examination or you have younger ones or friends who want to, then you need to read this well and bookmark it if possible.

    When post utme test was still been conducted, in most schools, there are less observation of the 0level(be it waec,neco or gce) but due to the new advancement or what do we call it,post utme has been removed from the scene leaving ones 0level and jamb to determine his or her fate.

    The implication of this is that even if you get to score an high mark in jamb, you should pray your 0level result is up to the task.

    This is because by the time the aggregate will be calculated, your 0level result will have a lot of role to play to make you have upper hand.

    Don't be afraid anyways, making great grades in waec or neco exams is not something that can not be achieved but most students has allowed the fear of it to hold them down while some poor preparation and some due to poor ways of approaching questions.

    " The secret on how to make straight A's in your 0level " is what I will be discussing on this platform tomorrow by Gods grace but today, I will want us to lay the foundation of it.

    It is important that we know that if postume will be really kept aside then our 0level will definitely be held on to. Below is the breakdown of what happened this year and I will want you to see so as to be prepared;

    180 – 185 ————————20 points
    186 – 190————————21points
    191 -195————————-22points
    196 – 200———————–23points
    201 – 205———————–24points
    206 – 210———————–25 points
    211 – 215———————–26 points
    216 -220————————27 points
    221 -225————————28 points
    226 -230————————29 points
    231 -235————————30 points
    236 – 240———————–31 points
    241 – 245———————–32 points
    246 -250————————33 points
    251 -300———————– (34- 43points)
    300 -400———————–(44 – 60 points)

    1. Single sitting——————- 10 points
    2. Combined Results————- 2 points
    A1—————————— 6 points
    B2 and B3———————4 points
    C4 – C6————————3 points

    For example
    John Daniel. scored 210 in UTME = 25points
    He applies for medicine
    He presents two WAEC results =2 points
    He has 5 credits in the necessary subjects (3 x 5) =15 points
    His total points =42 points.
    He will then await the school to release the cut off point for his Course.

    Don't be shocked, this was that plan they had for this year. We never saw this coming last year, it came suddenly this year.

    Do we now know what next year hold, they can decide to go even more strict.

    This is the purpose of this article, strive to have your paper in one sitting and pursue good grades in all. It will be best to deny ones self of any enjoyment now and bury our head to our books.
    Secure your admission. This is the foundation of all, when your 0level is perfect, go for your jamb in this same morale.

    Ponder on this and make a good and standing decision to make the best out of your waec or neco neco year. Be prepared, self reliant and self dependence.

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