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    6.      Deficiency of calcium in a child’s diet causes

    Answer: ____________

    7.      The part of the nephridium through which waste products are discharged is the

    Answer: ___________

    8.      Give one property of the enzyme

    Answer: __________

    9.      A characteristic of Chlamydomonas is

    Answer: ___________

    10.    What substance make up the genetic material?

    Answer: _____________

                                SUGGESTED ANSWERS

    6. Answer: Scurvy

    7. Answer: Nephridiopore

    8. Answer: Nephridiopore

    9. Answer: It is a green algae

    10. Answer: Deoxyribonucleic acid


    16.    The organelle in Amoeba which performs a similar function with that of the kidney in vertebrates is the

    Answer: ____________

    17.    Steady spread of the unpleasant odour from dead rat is a physical process called

    Answer: _____________

    18.    De-oxygenated blood from the head region first enters the heart through the

    Answer: ____________

    20.    The best way of protecting natural resources is by

    Answer: ________________

    21.    One basic characteristic feature of viruses is that they grow

    Answer: ____________

    22.    What is the function of pneumatophores in white mangrove plants?

    Answer: ____________

    24.    Gymnosperms are commonly called

    Answer: ____________

    25.    Siliqua can be describe as a

    Answer: ____________

    26.    Blood platelets are important because they

    Answer: ____________

    27.    A tapeworm has no alimentary canal because

    Answer: ____________

    28.    State a property of Cypsela

    Answer: ___________

    29.    What is osmosis?

    Answer: ___________

                                    SUGGESTED ANSWERS 2006

    16. Answer: Contractile vacuole

    17. Answer: diffusion

    18. Answer: right auricle

    20. Answer: enforcing conservation laws

    21. Answer: inside living cells

    22. Answer: breathing

    24. Answer: conifers

    25. Answer: dry monocarpellary, multilocular fruit developing from a superior ovary

    26. Answer: release thrombin for blood clotting

    27. Answer: its body absorbs digested food

    28. Answer: dry, indehiscent bicarpellary developed from inferior ovary, one seeded fruit

    29. Answer: process of selective transmission of solvent in preference to solute through semi permeable membrane

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