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    Bitcoin World a Community where every member is a priority. As most of us know, MLM platforms could be frustrating and never-ending resulting to most participants quitting. Bitcoin World is community aims at fixing the MLM curse. With a working algorithm and dedicated admin we will conquer 1 MLM every couple of weeks starting with five2btc (64 btc reward) with every member reaching the top of the pyramid. All we ask in return is your dedication and support for the community.
    You invest just #4500 or #5500 worth 0.012btc, to upgrade to level 2 u need two downlines who will be given to you by Bitcoin world admins, after u have registered and upgraded by forwarding 0.012btc or 0.0103 btc to an upline.

    At level 2 u need 4 downliners(to upgrade to level 3) each of who will give you 0.015 totalling 0.06btc, you are to forward 0.04btc to another upline living you with a balance of 0.02btc (worth approximately #10000) which means that at this stage you have recovered your #4500 or #5500 + interest (Isn't that amazing?) at level 3, you need 8 downliners (to upgrade to level 4) each of who is to pay you 0.04btc totalling 0.32btc, you are to forward 0.20btc to an upline, leaving you with a balance of 0.12 worth over #45000(all from just #4500 or #5500 investment) now this is possible in just 2 weeks if everyone can be committed! the chain goes on; in level 4 (to upgrade to level 5) you need 16 downlines, each of whom is to pay u 0.20btc totalling 3.2btc. you are to forward 2.0btc to an upline, leaving you with 1.2btc thats worth over #450000 in approximately a month from an investment of #4500 or #5500 (Amazing! isn't it) you need to motivate your downlines to upgrade; I don't see a reason why anyone will after purchasing btc worth #4500 or #5500 keep them in their wallet without wanting profit! please upgrade if u have donations from downlines, and watch yourself progress in lips and bounds! don't forget that all downlines come from a one off submission of a single referral link to a Bitcoin world admin! you don't need to go looking for downlines.

    To join Bitcoin World Group on telegram Whatsapp me on 08140462827

    What is FIVE2BTC?

    FIVE2BTC is a direct member-to-member user donation community where people help each other with donations using ONLY Bitcoins for transactions. There is no global account of the administration where all donations go. All donations go directly from member to member without intermediaries, in fact, FIVE2BTC only regulates the process – nothing more, So the system belongs fully to users.”

    This means, no central account, no request for withdrawal, no admin. Your money (bitcoin) is paid straight into your Blockchain wallet; which is similar to your traditional bank account. Deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are done instantly!

    Five2btc’s front man is David Vincente Martin from Spain and it was officially launched in September 2016; as at the time of writing this report, the number of Five2btc members worldwide is over 24,000 and increasing by the day.
    With Five2BTC platform, you can earn up to 64btc – $45,552.64 Monthly till infinity!!!

    To join Bitcoin World Group on telegram Whatsapp me on 08140462827

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