Block Crisis v6.0 - Build 13

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    Block Crisis v6.0 - Build 13 | 16 Mb

    The premise behind Block Crisis is deceptively simple. As blocks fall from the top of the screen, you need to arrange them in such a way that they form complete rows across the playing field. As soon as every section of a given row is full, that row will be removed to make room for another row. Incomplete rows will keep piling up, and if you get to the point where the next piece to fall has nowhere to fall - it's basically touching the top of the playing field - the game is over. In Block Crisis you are provided with six different gameplay modes to add to the challenge of this concept. The six modes are: Original Mode, 20 Line Challenge, Time Attack 30, Time Attack 60, Time Attack 120 and Crisis+Mode.


        Runs 100% Perfectly on any Windows® Desktop / Laptop / Netbook Computer
        Beautiful Full Color and High Resolution Visual Graphics
        Awesome Digital Sound Effects
        Amazing Digitally Orchestrated Music Soundtrack
        100% Arcade Perfect GameBoy? to PC Conversion of the Original
        1 to 3 Player Simultaneous Play
        Fight Against Two of your Friends or the Computer Players
        Play with Keyboard and/or 1 to 2 USB Joysticks
        USB Joysticks and Keyboard can be Remapped
        6 Different and Exciting Game Modes including Original and the New Crisis+Mode
        Choose Between 1 to 7 Different Style Blocks (Note: This Feature is Not Available  When The Slow Performance Fix Is Turned On... )
        Choose 1 to 14 Different Backgrounds
        Saved High Scores Table
        Play in Full-Screen or Window Mode
        Saved Game Preferences
        and More to Explore...


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