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    Good day everyone!
    I’m here to let you in on a platform we are about to release, a money making platform.
    Of late, a lot of us have fallen victims to the greed of many Nigerians in the guise of helpers who take from us but never gets to return our hard earned money. By this I mean the peer-to-peer donation platforms that have become rampant these days on WhatsApp. What I’m presenting to you is not so much different but with a better security for your money.

    Now, I took my time to study most of these groups and just laid low to see how they run their operations and I have been able to highlight the reasons why many of them crash just a few days after their launch and the reasons are seen below.

    1)They promise to pay you 100-200% ( and in some extreme cases 400%) of the money you PH (help provided). Now while this may look juicy, the reality is that such platforms built on mouth-watering promises cannot be sustained. This is due to the fact that for every GH (help gotten), there has to be 2(for 100%), 4(for 200%) or 8(for 400%) providing help.
    2)People allowed to PH a couple of times in one session. This may seem like something that should be encouraged but in the long run, the detriments becomes evident as one person doing 2 or 3 PHs will require about 4 or 6 people to PH to him/her ( and this is just in the case of 100%. It increase with higher percentages).
    3)The work of getting people into the platform is left for just the admin(s). People expect that so long as they have provided help (PH), they must certainly GH. In doing this they forget that for the sustainability of platforms such as these, the daily influx of people is required.
    Short time interval for getting help. Now while the average Nigerian has the impatience syndrome, it is needed that a much wider time frame be stated to allow for people to come into the platform. Promising people of getting 100-200%( and in those extreme cases, my God! 400%) in as little as 6-12 hours is making white elephant promises. A wider time frame would be required to sustain these platforms.

    4)Allowing for complains to be dropped for all to see. I mentioned before that Nigerians are often times impatient and when there seems to be a delay in payment or matching to get help ( with the added trust issues that seems to have been engraved in the fabrics of the Nigerian citizen), they start complaining and filling everywhere with distrust such that new comers are scared and afraid to drop PH request or refusing to make payments with the excuse most times that they are no longer interested.
    5)Greed of the admins themselves. Now I kept this for last because of its enormous importance. Most of the platforms I see these days speak volumes of the wickedness of men. Promising people 400% in 6 hours is a clear indication you are just out to collect people’s money. They GH themselves multiple times and in the end when there are no more people to PH, they run away from the group, make others admins, stop answering their messages and change their numbers.
    So, to curb all these errors and ensure that our platform can be sustained, I and my team of brilliant minds have come together to measures in place. We have set up rules to keep things running and we will ensure strict compliance of set regulations. So its going to be like this
    1)You will PH 10k to get 15k. This is 50% of the help provided. For this 4 GHers (people expecting help) will require 6 PHers, those 6 (now requiring help) will require 9 Phers and so on.
    2)There are two groups; one for providing help and another for confirmation.
    3)For you to participate you must have an active number, must be on WhatsApp and be able to do mobile transfer without any delay. And no idling around. On your indication to join the group, it is expected that you have your 10k ready.
    4)Every member will be mandated to invite at least 1 person after they must have GHed once. There will be loyalty rewards where the person(s) that invited people the most to the platform will be rewarded at the end of every session or subsequent sessions.
    5)There will just one PH and one GH session daily. PH session begins 7am till 11am. Compiling of list will take maximum of an hour. By 12pm, a list drops and payment begins. This will continue till about 7pm.
    6)Every member is entitled to just one PH per session. I mean 5k should be enough for a day.
    7)Once you PH, your name automatically goes to the GH list. Your name will be entered into the list based on how fast you were confirmed. So it will do you well to follow up your PHer and ensure he confirms you immediately after payment has been made.
    8)There will be no public group for complaints. All complaints will be directed to an admin(s). There will be a specific admin to handle specific sessions (list). A ban will be issued for public complain after warning has been issued a maximum of three times.
    9)By 8pm, all complaints will be tackled and rematching done. Those rematched to PH will of compulsion make the transaction within a two hour period.
    10)Session closes by 10pm daily and no other message will allowed to be posted from then on till the next session officially begins.
    11)There will be a one time fee of a thousand naira paid to the admin to keep the platform running ( because admins will be required to do callings, sending messages, and to keep the admins encouraged and focused because aside from this, there will be no special treatment accorded them such as multiple GHing).
    12)There will be no tolerance for spamming. Failure to heed this rule leads to permanent removal without explanation or prior notice.
    With these in place, I believe we can get things rolling with the expected cooperation of all members. Things will run smoothly and everyone will be pleased.
    Will you want to join me on this platform? Send a WhatsApp message to this number 09026618366 requesting to join the MOBILE TRANSFER COMMUNITY (we wont give any link out and addition will be done manually by the admins to prevent spammers from infiltrating and messing things up). Please calls will not be received, send messages only.The platform will be launched officially on Monday, 9th of January, 2017.
    Have yourself a good night rest. You deserve it!.


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