Can I use traditional powers to obtain visa?

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by ItuExchange, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Obtaining visas to popular foreign countries is now getting more and more difficult. They think Nigerians want to run away to escape the current economic problems.

    Even some celebrities who think their status would automatically “attract” visas whenever they apply are sometimes rejected.

    Those embassies and high commissions make lots of money by encouraging someone to continue applying for visas, only to be rejected again, and again, and again. Keep on applying, wasting your money and time and resources, only to be rejected again and again.

    Pastors and imams pray for people to obtain visas. People see visa procurement as miracles and they share testimonies based on it – only because Nigeria is bad. Whereas, a Canadian doesn’t see visa procurement to New Zealand as a miracle.

    Now I also want to check out by pretending to go for a student visa to Norway. I would then disappear.

    I don’t want to use pastors and imams. Honestly, most of them are fake. Most of those traditional witch doctors are also fake. They won’t tell you they can’t do it. If they told you they can do it, how would they get paid? They’ll tell you they can do it, and once you pay them and the juju power doesn’t work, you’ll discover that your money isn’t refundable.

    I want to apply for a visa, getting automatic approval without any hassle. Some genuine and powerful witch doctors are in Contonou, Oyo State, Kogi State and Akwa Ibom. I would go to them and do some juju to get automatic visa procurement.

    Do you think this would work? Are there people who have been using traditional spiritual powers get visas successfully from those wicked and merciless white people? – Contributed

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