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    This is tested and trusted, it is not a scam, a beautiful and real networking community. It's a way to wealth creation through peer to peer donation during this period. If you like better things as much as I do, this is the right platform for you to be.

    iCharity is as simple as ABC. If you are interested in icharity, all you need is just a token of#6,000 as your ticket to your millions.
    You register through a link once you register, you are to provide your details including your bank account details, phone number, etc. Immediately you register you will be given your own referral link through which 5 people will register under you. On your page, when you click on upgrade, you will see the account details of your upline which you’re to pay to which could either be that friend, colleague or family member that referred you.

    After you donate #6,000 to your upline (receiver), your upline will approve/confirm your donation after which you are now eligible to using your referral link to refer people that will pay directly to your bank account. You will receive a donation of #30,000 from 5 people (#6,000 from each person) in grade 1.

    You move to grade 2 by paying #12,000 for upgrade to your grandmother(your upline's upline) then 25 people will pay #300,000 to you(#12,000 from each person). You move to grade 3 and pay #24,000 to an upline again, then 125 people will pay #24,000 to you making it #3,000,000.The next grade is 4 where you also give out a donation of #36,000 and you will receive a donation of #22,500,000 from 625 people.

    Let me just pause here before you faint because of plenty money, if you don’t belong to icharity then you are yet to belong to the community of the richest people in world today. Just a donation of #6,000 will give you tickets to your millions for a life time, make the decision today and join icharity.

    Read carefully so that you can get the deal
    Do you know why people are scare?

    What if I don't have 5 people?
    Referring people is not only for you alone to do, it takes joint effort. There are three ways by which your 5 man matrix in grade one can be filled up:
    1. Referral: the person you refer personally through your own referral link I.e. people you convince and bring in by yourself who register through your own link directly
    2. Spillovers: those are people who fall under you automatically from your up lines after their 5 downlines is complete i.e. Spillover from your upline if his own matrix is already filled up anyone that uses his link to register will be automatically spilled over to any of his downlines which could be you.

    3. Randomizer: these are people the system gives you randomly from other full network.

    We work together as a team.


    *for more enquiries, contact: 09039388621 (call, sms, whatsapp)*


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