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    *get 19$ immediately after registering*

    Use Google chrome browser
    U can also translate to English
    After registration, login & click on "Active Options", you'll see there are 16 list to trade.
    Click on "CHOOSE" button. You'll have to repeat the following steps untill you finish 16 CHOOSE.
    The Steps: 1. Choose 2. Confirm 3. Confirm 4. Confirm 5. Wait for the green tick to appear. (Sending data from 0% to 100%)
    Important: Don't do a refresh when the data is sending. The green tick. 6. Complete . 7. Continue. You will notice the USD 19.00 will become less and less each time you finish 1 CHOOSE, until it become dollar 3.00. Why? Because you invested or traded already the USD16. Within 24 hours you will see the changes in your balance. More or less it will be$25.00 . Do it daily also ACTIVE OPTION will be available and there will be again 16 CHOOSE that will appear. Just do what you did previously.
    It will be your daily job - CLICK ALL CHOOSE TO TRADE. Don't stop. Do it daily. Because your balance will not profit if you do not make trading.

    Minimum withdrawal is $99.00 and up. I advice you, when withdrawing, don't get all the amount balance withdrawn.
    Maintain at least 19.00 dollar for the trading process. Do it daily in just within 10 mins only.

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