Earn 0.1btc With Just 0.01btc In 24hrs #make Extra Money Online ( #memo)

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Samzy500, Nov 4, 2016.

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    If your sleepless nights don’t pay then I suggest you should change sitting position or better still start sleeping instead so you don’t waste your time doing unnecessary night vigil…

    Straight to the point
    Previously I shared a post requesting anybody interested to contact me if they want a legit website that pays 3.88% in a day and a week and 27.16% (so imagine investing for 2 to 3 month) you get your profit and still keep your capital, they pay you instantly without delay or pending.
    Currently those that contact me and I was able to send my material are enjoying the benefit and the best part is that you don’t do any work…. You just invest and relax you profit would come and you can withdraw your profit and capital anytime any day or you can compound the invest and reinvest your daily capital which make your next profit high and the capital is raise…

    Now I have been doing many research and I came across another platform this one is even better as with 0.01btc you can earn 0.1btc in just 24hrs and its tested and trusted …

    You want to benefit from this then check my signature for my details and I would reply as soon as possible but make sure you have a minimum balance of 0.03 in you bitcoin wallet before you contact me and if you need to buy bitcoin also contact me…..

    NOTE:- from the 0.03btc balance
    0.02btc is for my information and guideline and you automatically gain entrance to our group called #MEMO (Make Extra Money Online) where I would update you with any latest btc online strategies and platform that you can earn from without risk of losing your money.
    Then the remaining 0.01btc balance is for you to invest in the platform and trade if lucky you might get more than 0.1btc in 24hrs but my target is always 0.1btc and it risk free…..

    ;D ;D ;D ;) #MEMO

    Phone: +234 9071629036

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    Ever heard of bitcoin?, its an
    ecurrency used in online
    transactions, purchases and bets. If you
    are new to bitcoin, then the basic u need
    to know is that 100million
    satoshi=1bitcoin. 1 bitcoin= $710(varies
    with sellers). And $1=300 naira. That
    means if u ever accumulate satoshi and
    make it upto 1 bitcoin, u will be
    710*300=21300 naira richer. First goto and get
    bitcoin wallet where all ur money will be
    stored( write down your bitcoin address
    after registration)that’s what u will always
    need. Secondly, goto , and
    register with them( that’s where u will
    convert your accumulated bitcoin to
    naira. Finally goto , download their
    games, register with you bitcoin address
    and play (android games). That will help u
    accumulate your satoshi. When your
    satoshi is upto 20000, they automatically
    transfer ur earnings to your bitcoin wallet
    ( transfer is done on Tuesdays). Hope
    that’s simple. Am sure u will enjoy free
    bit coins by just playing games with ur
    phone. For other ways to make free bit
    coins, join our whatsapp group

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