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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by danielsoft, Mar 13, 2017.

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    You are aware there are over 700crytocurrencnies in the world...
    Many of which are powerless, has no future or are scam.
    Except for few such as Bitcoin, Ethereum which are leading right now.
    These Cryptocurrencies have challenges in terms of SPENDABILITY, USAGE, EXCHANGE and CRYPTOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGY and INFRASTRUCTURES
    The good news is a company "Netleaders DasCoin" has been developing technology for the past 7years to give the world the first digital asset system which is launching officially on the march 31st..
    This company Netleaders is the leading company on the #InternetOfValue ushering the world into the cashless age with a world first crytocurrency perfected..
    At the centre of this technological innovation and infrastructure is an hybrid Cryptocurrency named DASCOIN (digital asset system conversion instrument) which combines the best of decentralized and centralized blockchain technologies and eliminate their weaknesses.
    So this is not another coin like every other coin opening up everyday but a technology perfected for a fully functional cash system to work
    Why am i so team has been to the Netleaders leadership events in dubai,singapore and hongkong, attended all webinars..we have seen the cryptography technology and this is not just word of mouth but a serious and the best deal you can get right now this year.
    With DASCOIN.,here are some features of the technology..
    The core objective of this technological is the ability to converts its coin to fiat currencies that is your local currency...imagine you have a Dascoin debitcard and you walk up to an atm in your can withdraw the equivalent of the coin value in your local currency as well as spend it on all MasterCard, visa, POS, chinaPay terminal on over 60million outlets worldwide
    This is just one of the capabilities of this technology
    Here is a brief run down of complete features
    * Spendability
    * Private Blockchain: 6 seconds Maximum Transaction confirmation
    *Trading on MT4 platform 20% Faster
    * Smart Contract
    *Blockchain as a service
    *KYC know your client
    * Webwallet
    * Mass Market Penetration
    *Debit card
    * VisaCard and MasterCard
    *ATM withdrawals
    *60 million merchants and retail outlets world-wide
    * Public Exchange
    Now..there are Two you can benefit from this technology or internet of value and digital asset system which will make you great wealth with which you will retire early, not work for someone or just do your own business and focus on other life's purpose as long as you PURCHASE YOUR LICENSE
    (1) As a CUSTOMER
    as a customer means that you just want to have access to mint your coins for capital appreciation only
    (2) As an ADVOCATE
    as an advocate means you dont want the capital appreciation alone but you want to take part in its business opportunity..
    Here you can 500€-35000€ lifetime weekly passive income as soon as your right and left leg sums up to a total of 1000€ direct sales..others include network bonus and matching bonus..
    With either of the two packages CUSTOMER or ADVOCATE your financial future is guaranteed.
    IF you would like website links, registration links,video materials, pdf material, white paper and presentations to study and check out the prospects signify with "AM IN"
    if you would like to be a part of the international whatsapp group to abreast of information and updates with mentoring kindly PM me your whatsapp mobile number.
    you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime..
    Thank you

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    I like it.I read it very carefully.

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