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    Opera4.xx Splash
    Screen Modifier with
    s40 Phones
    Application Needed:
    ++Use BlueFTP to Copy
    d used image.png or .jpg
    to d Extracted Files of
    ++Use ClassEditor to
    open dat image.png
    or .jpg.. then, Press [*]
    to Highlight & Select All..
    After u av highlight
    everything, Press [5]
    and [6] once.. and OK i.e.
    u Copied d highlighted
    contents.. then press
    BACK. NB:note d size of
    dat image byte down.. e.g
    ++Now, loc8 & open on
    [v] file.. Press [9].. type
    PNG in d first space
    provided & OK.. then
    Press [9] again & OK..
    Followed by [#] and
    Press [4].. then, Press
    [*] to Highlight until u
    reach 11516byte.. then
    Press [5] and [6] once..
    i.e. to Insert d contents
    of copied image.. then,
    SAVE.. and Exit
    ++Open Calc4m & enter
    d image size byte u note
    down in d box provided
    e.g 6158. Press Down
    Navigation Key twice
    [2x] and Hold down [#]
    key.. then write out d
    result u see e.g . 180E..
    and Quit.
    ++Open HexEditor and
    enter d result u get frm
    Calc4m in provided box..
    then, Press Execute and
    write out d 14 Hex
    values out.. e.g 4218,
    4234, 42FB, 43DD, 44FD
    etc.. NB: d default Opera
    splash screen hex
    values are listed below:
    2CDC 2CF8 2DBF 2EA1
    2FC1 30D7 321B 3365
    33D4 3444 34FA 35B9
    3684 384B.. and u are
    going to replace it with d
    new hex u execute..
    ++Use ClassEditor to
    open [v] file.. Press [0]
    dis divide to two
    interface.. then, press
    [7] and clear anything u
    see, then replace it [27]
    and OK.. Now, press [4]
    and [6] once.. dis takes u
    to where d default hex
    is.. then, press [3] for
    editing.. NB: U can only
    edit two figures and take
    note of in between four
    zeros.. i.e
    And u to start ur editing
    frm 2DCD, followed by
    2CF8 etc.. Don't touch
    those four zeros.. After
    finished replacing d new
    hex values.., SAVE and
    ++Use BlueFTP to delete
    that used image before

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