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    I wanted to share with you all my experience of a male enhancement product to see if anyone else had a similar experience.  I am 38 and have been with my girlfriend for 5 years now, we are thinking of getting married, but I found that i was having a problem keeping an erection.  I had consulted my doctor as the problem seemed to be happening very often, I was getting weak erections, I was able to have sex but it was not the usual strong, hard erection that I was used to having. He gave me an expensive prescription to fill but upon using the product I was not happy with the side effects, so I continued to search for a remedy.    This was getting me down and started to bleed into other areas of my relationship as I would get very jealous and cause arguments as I did not want my girlfriend to leave me because I was unable to perform properly.  A close friend of mine had come back from the states and mentioned that he had been introduced to a herbal sex pill for men that he found to be of very high quality.  I was eager to try it out as I did not like how I was performing in the bedroom, many times I had to finish off my girlfriend with oral pleasure as I would lose my erection halfway through.  When he eventually got around to visiting me he gave me a packet.  As much as I was happy to see him I was eager for him to go so that I could try out this new pill.  I used the pill that night and " :eek: " I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like it, I was very hard and for a very long time, my erection was a lot stronger and fuller with veins showing, when I did climax I let go a lot of fluid and my organ was still hard!!!  This was a very good feeling for me as I was beginning to feel like less of a man due to not being able to satisfy my girlfriend.  Has anyone else had an experience with this product..v-xs power?  If you are having issues with your manhood I would say that this is a very very very good place to get your problem solved as it has worked wonders for me.  ;D 

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