Facial v4.00(0) Facebook Client S60v5 S^1^3/Anna/Belle unSigned [update 09/10/20

Discussion in 'DELETED POSTS' started by Babadinho, Oct 11, 2011.

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    [img width=234 height=208]http://forum.ucweb.com/attachments/month_1110/20111010_39bda3391f59b41eb4a9SteamnfCMTxB.jpeg[/img]

    Facial v4.00(0) Facebook Client S60v5 S^1^3/Anna/Belle unSigned [update 09/10/2011

    Facial is a modern feature rich........ app with the smoothest user interface. Some people saidthat this client is smotther and better than fMobi for Symbian. And this client finally have Widgets!!

    Feed, Friends, Photos, Pages, Events, Groups, Notifications Post, Check In, Post a photo, Comment, Like Search Auto refresh Swipe gestures Black and White theme

    (HOME SCREEN WIDGET FULL Face.book Messages (send, reply,manage
    Supported Devices:
    S60v5 Symbian Anna/Belle

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