Fallout New Vegas Update 7 + All preorder DLCs + Dead Mone

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    Fallout New Vegas + Update 7 + all preorder DLCs + Dead Mone
    English | Platform: PC | Release Date: October 2010 | Developed by: Bethesda/Obsidian | 7.88 GB
    Genre: Adventure / RPG

    Fallout: New Vegas takes place during the year 2281, three years after the estimated end of Fallout 3, and 204 years after the Great War of 2077, making this installment chronologically the latest in the series thus far. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, Nevada and the Mojave Desert known as the "Mojave Wasteland" which is roughly the same size as the "Capital Wasteland" in Fallout 3. Unlike other cities in the Fallout series, Las Vegas was not struck directly by a nuclear attack. Its buildings remain intact, and mutation of its inhabitants is minimal. The city is divided between various factions, most notably the New California Republic (NCR), the slave-driving Caesar's Legion, and the various factions of New Vegas itself. Landmarks featured in Fallout: New Vegas include the Hoover Dam that supplies power to the city and the Helios 1 solar energy plant.

    1. Install New Vegas from "Fallout New Vegas.iso" using Daemon Tools or UltraIso

    2. Move the files for Honest Hearts, and Old World Blues) to your Data folder (program files\bethesda softworks\Fallout New Vegas\Data

    3. Install update 7 (does not require any other updates)

    4. Back-up FalloutNV.exe and FalloutNVLauncher.exe

    5. Copy FalloutNV.exe and FalloutNVLauncher.exe from the crack folder to your fallout installation, overwriting the original (but not the backups!)

    6. Enjoy




    http://www.wupload.com/file/64196953/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part01.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64196901/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part02.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64196977/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part03.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64199331/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part04.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64199188/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part05.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64199216/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part06.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64199251/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part07.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200174/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part08.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200074/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part09.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200090/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part10.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200125/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part11.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200446/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part12.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200583/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part13.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200466/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part14.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64200476/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part15.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64203313/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part16.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64203498/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part17.rar
    http://www.wupload.com/file/64203238/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part18.rar

    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/SfE4Q ... part01.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/mChd2 ... part02.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/vsWVq ... part03.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/nUb8u ... part04.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/RUWxK ... part05.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/jNApB ... part06.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/aHN8x ... part07.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/s9BDc ... part08.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/7M8f3 ... part09.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/WMRJQ ... part10.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/EwF7V ... part11.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/NVuta ... part12.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/ahb8V ... part13.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/kwfMp ... part14.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/XUJJu ... part15.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/sdfX2 ... part16.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/dTMFf ... part17.rar
    http://www.uploadstation.com/file/tA24n ... part18.rar

    http://www.fileserve.com/file/dYp6pks/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part01.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/FauH7jx/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part02.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/73fJpFz/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part03.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/NFbW8nu/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part04.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/5vkQRjg/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part05.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/cgserdj/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part06.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/etxhJ4j/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part07.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/FCBgVhQ/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part08.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/xzRQG4e/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part09.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/Fs6kyFu/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part10.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/T7ZHvD7/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part11.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/GEf2adv/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part12.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/GN2QwEG/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part13.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/5Q7hvmH/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part14.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/UTu5zYq/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part15.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/kWGc64x/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part16.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/bd8SdxP/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part17.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/nXUfURK/Fallout New Vegas July 2011.part18.rar

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