Financial Liberation: New, Hot and pays Faster. 50% in few hours

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by ADEOYE ADEDAYO, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Welcome to *MMBM:Financial Liberation*
    This is new!!!!!!
    We have studied several ponzi schemes and have come up with an algorithm that will sustain this scheme.
    This scheme is reliable and new!!! And the admins are dedicated to making it work. Nobody is left behind.
    50% interest
    10k to get 15k
    20k to get 30K.

    *Minimum* PH is 10K
    *Maximum* PH is 20K.

    *Transparency* ✅✅✅
    *Everybody gets paid*✅✅
    *You PH and GH in 48 hours.*✅✅✅

    To join, please ensure the following
    Be civil and well behaved
    Access to Internet or mobile banking
    Respect for self and others
    Only pledge if you can pay.

    Some few *rules* govern us
    1. You must have access to internet banking.
    2. You must PH with a valid phone number
    3. You can only PH with a max of 20K

    Join the group by clicking this link
    *Main room*

    *MMBM Complaint room*

    *MMBM PH room*

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