First Samsung Nexus Prime live photo and video surface

Discussion in 'DELETED POSTS' started by Slimderek, Oct 7, 2011.

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    As the day of the Samsung-Google 'Unpacked' event draws closer, the Nexus Prime leaks are coming in thick and fast. After being treated to some specifications of the device yesterday, today we have managed to find something even more impressive.
    Yes, what you see on the left could very well be the actual Nexus Prime that will be announced on October 11. We know, it looks a lot like the current Nexus S, down to the size of the device but look closer and you will see minor difference, such as the positioning of the proximity and display brightness sensors on the top, which are different from those on the Nexus S.
    Also, the plastic border around the display looks smaller on this device than on the Nexus S. And of course, no capacitive buttons below the display, replaced by on-screen buttons in Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Then there's was that and this hands-on video, which was looking pretty real and had us almost perfectly sure that it was indeed the Samsung Nexus Prime that stars in it. If that thing's fake it will be among the most elaborate ones we have seen.
    Anyway, we will find out if this is real or not soon enough. The Nexus Prime official announcement is just four days away now.
    We are also wondering if the rumors that there will be two version of the Nexus Prime actually come out true. With the Verizon exclusivity in the US seeming pretty probable at this point, we find it possible for Samsung and Google to release another, global, version of the phone. The full details, we'll find out soon enough.

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