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    I have seen young men and women murdered in cold blood and youth died in their prime. I came from the street and practically went through the experiences of the street but GRACE kept me.

    A lot of nefarious activities goes on in the street and the society, I remember vividly as if it was still yesterday watching a close friend die in a gruesome way in a cult related fracas.
    It was an ugly sight and bitter experience to remember. I may not have been a cultist but then had so lot of them as friends. Today, half of that number are no longer in existence not because they chose to go that way or destined that way to go, I think they had been influenced by the nothingness and vanities of this life, they were blinded by their greed and taste for mundane glory and gratification.
    Today, I write this to that youth, that young blood still engulfed in cultism, crime, rape, kidnapping and militancy that there is a better life compared to where you are now, a life that guarantees peace and happiness.
    It's time to give up crime, it doesn't matter how far you have gone or what mess you have been enmeshed with, there is always a gain in turning around unto good.
    Now you still can breathe and walk, why not be merciful to yourself, your family and the society. Give it up and live before you are forced to leave against your wish.
    -Lailan Divine.
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