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    Free Weekend Call Package On glo G-BAM HI 5IVE Plan:
    Are you on Glo G-BAM Hi 5ive plan? If no, you may need to get on the package now. I know that, most people are usually discouraged and not happy with the G-BAM Hi 5ive plan, by reason of the N10 daily access fee being charged by Glo upon migrating to the plan. Well, you are right! The Glo G-BAM Hi 5ive plan offer the subscriber the ability to call 5 registered Glo numbers at 5k/s which equals N3/m. Well, the essence of this post is about the free Glo to Glo calls available on this plan, which you may have never considered or know about, aside other benefits of using the plan. Now, if you are on this plan, it may interest you to know that, from 6pm Friday to 6am Saturday, from 6pm Saturday to 6am Sunday and from 6pm Sunday to 6am Monday every week, Glo is offering you free calls to all Glo lines, totalling 36 hours of free net calls every week. Therefore, if you are on this plan, start enjoying free weekend Glo to Glo calls as you continue to rule your world with Glo. To migrate, dial *100*5*1# now.
    Don't always be in a hurry to end your call by 6am when you are already connected before 6am. Your free call will get disconnected automatically exactly the same minute you get connected in the previous hour. For example, if you get connected by 5.52am, your free call will be terminated by 6.52am, if you do not end the call yourself. This operation is applicable to all free calls from Glo, whether free midnight calls (12am to 5am) or free weekend calls on G-BAM Hi 5ive because, Glo programmed their call services for 1 hour straight call at a time. Happy calling.
    It is applicable to all Glo lines both prepaid and postpaid lines. Thank you.
    Rule your Universe! ;) GLO.

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