Games to play over Christmas

Discussion in 'PC Games/Softwares' started by adamjackson, Dec 17, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I don't know about you, but I basically have very little time to play games "properly" nowadays - when I have free time, I don't have the mental energy to engage the amount of attention that games really deserve in them.

    So, the Winter Period / Christmas is a big thing, as it's a big break when I actually have some time to try to catch up on things I've missed.

    Sadly, this also creates some expectation, I think, and I've have fairly negative experiences with "Christmas catchup" gaming time in the last few years - a lot of games which I *might* enjoy playing, if I had a longer period for the experience are also frustrating when coming to them "cold" to gaming and having to pick up expected skills [some of which I never really had much of] - so Shovel Knight became seriously frustratingly hard, as have several others.

    So, what games would you esteemed people of RPS recommend to get to catch up on Computer Games and have a nice time in the Winter Holidays?

    [I've been tempted by Dishonored 2, but I am doubtful my PC will be able to play it, given the performance issues on machines much more impressive than mine; and, in any case, given I couldn't finish Dishonored, it seems like the harder sequel would be a bad idea. And the size of Doom's install puts me off - I don't think I have a spare 70 or 80 GB on my desktop PC to install it to...]

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    Try battlefield series

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    i will try those game

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