GGheart v1.60 S60v3SymbianOS 9.x UnsignedENG by Vanz_smurf

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    GGheart v1.60 S60v3
    SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned
    ENG by Vanz_smurf[IMG]Description
    1.60 version on March 27
    at 6 AM finally finished,
    due to last-minute
    message that there was a
    lot of unstable
    conditions, the 1.60
    version that was
    temporarily removed the
    SMS feature. This
    version also does not
    need to install the full
    version of file to use
    weather forecasts and
    heart screen saver
    modules, closed beta
    installation package also
    will be sharing the
    afternoon of 27 will be
    sent to the closed beta
    user's hands, because
    this version of the
    program structure
    change is high, there may
    be more stable, in this
    deeply . Thank you once
    again on the phone heart
    tolerance and support,
    we will continue our
    efforts and intentions to
    be the best. (Since
    version 1.60, there may
    be more unstable, so we
    do not provide official
    website of the download,
    so after testing stability
    in the official website
    will be linked to the
    relatively stable version
    of the inconvenience).
    What's new:
    ● Increased of a "stealth
    Desktop" allows you to
    use the phone desktop
    for use under the free
    choice of the heart
    function modules,
    function modules can be
    supported now, including
    the heart Fetion SMS,
    heart contact, iPhone
    screen saver, heart Call
    Assistant 1.0, the heart
    of call records, the heart
    and heart smart menu
    dial, but also support the
    set number of key
    shortcuts and the hold
    button to switch tasks,
    etc. The hold button
    function; (due to
    compression operation is
    still very difficult save,
    1.60 deposit areas in the
    transport version has not
    yet been improved)
    ● "Invisible Desktop" In
    addition to achieving a
    separate modular
    applications, also
    provides a "magic
    layers" feature, you can
    achieve on the desktop
    phone system comes with
    a stunning free to DIY's
    magic layer on which you
    can Place pictures,
    patterns, decorative
    icons, WIDGETS
    (including the weather,
    clock, desktop
    information, desktop
    calendar), etc.. (As the
    Magic layer technology is
    not yet mature, so in
    some mobile phones
    when switching
    operation splash screen
    will appear the
    phenomenon, please
    forgive me)
    ● GGHeart Desktop SMS
    tips in addition to tips,
    but also adds a pop-up
    prompts any interface
    ● Greatly enhance the
    function of flying letters,
    you can choose individual
    choice when the
    recipient Fetion friends,
    supporting friends fly to
    manually update the
    letter, also sent a letter
    greatly improved the
    success rate of flight
    (recommended cmwap
    success rate of
    interconnection will be
    more high).
    ● DIY desktop and the
    desktop component
    invisible desktop add
    desktop calendar
    ● Updated the section on
    call assistant national
    ● Desktop standard
    first-line support
    network and the time at
    the same time display;
    ●Increased the phone
    heart is displayed in the
    task list settings, from
    the task list can be
    hidden from the phone
    ● Press and hold button
    function to add the
    option to open the
    connection manager;
    ● Optimized set of
    classification and
    arrangement of the
    ● Left and right soft
    keys and C increase the
    shortcut key function
    can be modified.
    Nokia 5320, 5700, 6110
    Nav, 6120/6121 Classic,
    6210 Nav, 6220 Classic,
    6290, 6650, N76, N78,
    N79, N81, N82, N85,
    N95, N95 8gb, N96, E51,
    Download here

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