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    As you already know, banks are supposed to be a source of financial help for their depositors, but in today's world that rarely happens. Without perfect credit and a large income, banks don't want anything to do with you. HELP2GET is a community where individuals can offer financial help and in return get help financially higher than what they provided.

    With a decentralized payment method, we offer a totally independent service for members. The Philosophy is simple, HELP someone today, GET helped by someone tomorrow.

    In the conventional banking system, a person can only withdraw the amount of money in their own bank account. For example, let us say Mary has $200 in the bank. She can't simply take out $250 from the bank, even though the bank has Peter's $1,000 and Scott's $7,000 which would cover Mary's withdrawal amount.

    Rather, she can take out a loan. The bank can loan out up to five times all the funds deposited there to anyone, and the bank profits from the interest. If the bank can take Peter, Scott's, and more of its clients' money and give it to Mary as a loan, why can't Mary simply ask Peter or Scott for financial assistance? Mary can ask... but Peter and Scott will likely say no, even if they know her.

    And Mary probably doesn't know who has extra money that could accommodate her needs anyway. Even if Peter has $1,000 that he won't use for the next couple of months he's unlikely to give it to Mary, because Mary can't guarantee that she'll pay the money back when Peter needs it.

    That is what Help2Get is all about. With Help2Get, if Peter helps Mary with $200, Mary doesn't have to promise to pay Peter back. This is simply because in Help2Get, whenever you Provide Help to someone today you have the CROWD GUARANTEE that you can rely on them whenever you need financial help in the future. So anytime Peter needs financial help after he's helped Mary, he can request it and the system will assign a financial helper to Peter.

    It could be Peter, or Scott, or any of the millions of Help2Get community members. Help2Get is not a bank or a company that take deposits.

    Help2Get is simply a platform where participants can exchange financial help directly. So if you Provide Help to someone else, whenever you need financial help, millions of Help2Get community members will offer you the help you need, with no requirement for you to pay it back.

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