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    Before you can join this wonderful 7days package you ought to register a bitcoin wallet account. Details below...


    *Note:* There are lots of btc wallets but for the purpose of our programme, we make use of *blockchain wallet* because it is very easy to operate and monitor it's operations...

    Now to the steps:

    1) Download Google Chrome browser if you don't have it.
    Blockchain wallet works fine on Google
    Chrome browser
    2) You must have an email address
    3) Go to ** -
    4) Click *wallet*
    5) Click *create new wallet*
    6) Follow the procedures
    *You will be sent a mail*
    7) Go to your email and confirm by clicking the link sent
    8) Then login with your details

    Hurray!!! *You now have a btc wallet*

    9) After successful login, you will see *send* and *receive*
    10) Click *receive*
    You will see a long alphanumeric character, that you were told to copy
    *copy* it ( like this JYYaE6TkQsMGBj8QT2QmM9sKfufFtCFPBt)
    11) Go to your *Notepad* or *anywhere safe* & paste it there and save it so you can use it at anytime.
    12) That number copied is your *wallet address* and U will be using it to *collect* and *receive* Bitcoin

    _Pls note your wallet address is like your bank account no on blockchain, it is different from your wallet ID._

    Your wallet ID can be likened to your ATM pin which u use in gaining access to your account.

    *That's All, you now have a _Bitcoin Wallet_*

    Then unto the Helping Revolution Proper...

    Now to the summary.

    People are happy when MMM pays them 30% of their invested money in a month... But we have something far better than MMM Here...

    Allow me to introduce to you "HELPING REVOLUTION" HR as we like to call it offers an incredible 50% interest of your invested money in JUST 7DAYS! Amazing Right? But that's not all HELPING REVOLUTION Also offers an excellent Referall bonuses where you get paid alot of money for referring people to the site via your Referral ID...

    You don't need any manual login before GH. GH is sent automatically to your account after the 7days time frame elapses...

    You can join using this link

    Referral ID : 2725481

    You will Need it for Registration (IMPORTANT

    Its real...

    This is real just like when Mmm was first introduced

    Very unbelievable

    Check it out....

    For more information about Helping Revolution, join the whatsapp group


    (It's has come to stay!)
    HR is like other MMM communities. It is the first mutual aid community with automatic confirmation of Bitcoin transaction ID, auto Provide Help and auto Get Help system.

    All the stresses of manually Providing Help,

    Searching for your Blockchain transaction ID and manually requesting to Get Help are now lifted off your shoulders by the HR System...

    Earn 50% after 7 Days including your principal capital.

    Minimum Provide Help is $10 and above.

    We use Bitcoins only for Provide Help & Get Help.

    => No Recommitment Fee

    => Auto Confirmation of Blockchain Transaction ID After You PH.

    => No Need To Recruite/Refer, but if you do, you earn referral Commission.

    => Auto Provide Help Starts Immediately
    You Register & Automatically Get Help
    after 7days When Your Timer Stops Running in 7 Days Without Clicking Any "Get Help" button.

    (NOTE: Make sure U have a Bitcoin account readily funded with $11 USDollars b4 U register.

    U 'll be matched immediately after some minutes.

    U got 24hours to PH from Ur Blockchain Wallet to the participant you are matched with, otherwise, you will be Blocked)

    Only register when U are ready with funds in your Bitcoin wallet because you may get Order to Provide Help (PH) as soon as you register


    During registration you will put the amount you want to provide.when you login u will see it there and you will wait for 24 hours to pair u with someone you will pay to. And after the link you will be given 40 hours to make payment.

    1. After you have been paired, click on pay

    2. Copy the bitcoin address of the recipient

    3. Goto ur wallet, click on send n then paste the address...

    4. Go back to ur page on HR(helpingrevolution), click on pay again, n this time copy the exact bitcoin value of ur PH amount....

    5. Paste it in ur wallet on the small column showing BTC.

    6. Cross check to make sure u got the above steps right, i.e the address n exact bitcoin value are correct, then send.

    7. Relax with a bottle of ur favorite drink. You will be confirmed within an hour or less!.


    *How to Provide Help (PH)*

    1. LOGin to your account and click on *PROVIDE HELP RECORD* to activate your PH

    2. Click on the *Dashboard* to see the status of your PH.

    3. Wait to be paired. Pairing takes less than 48hrs. So, always login occasionally to check ur account.

    4. After you have been paired, click on *Pay*

    5. Copy the *bitcoin wallet address* of the *recipient*.

    6. Goto ur wallet, click on *Send* and then paste the address.

    7. Go back to ur page on HR(helpingrevolution), click on *pay again*, and this time copy the *exact bitcoin value* of ur PH amount and *not the $ value*.

    8. Paste it in ur wallet on the small column showing BTC. Remember,

    9. Cross check to make sure u got the above steps right, i.e the address and exact bitcoin value are correct, then Send.

    10. Relax with a bottle of ur favorite drink. You will be confirmed within an hour or less!

    11. Your 7 day reverse timer for GH will starts after your PH is confirmed.

    *Happy earnings.*
    *Happy December*

    After you GH, within 24hrs a PH request will be automatically generated for you, of the previous amount.
    Thus if you want to increase ur PH amount you wud need to open another account with same email details and then PH the increased amount.
    So if u were doing 200$ for instance, and now you want to do 1000$, you wud open a new account and u will ph 800$.

    This is a wonderful platform that I have never seen, peer 2 peer donation works with BITCOIN ONLY and all payment direct to your bitcoin Wallet with automatic GH and PH
    50% in 7days

    e.g 10$ turn 15$ in just 7days
    50$ turn 75$ in 7days

    Don't put your eggs into one basket try this today and thanks me later for more info.
    For registration kindly log to

    Referral ID : 2725481

    You will Need it for Registration (IMPORTANT)

    Thank you for your time and God Bless.

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