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    People ask random questions when it comes to investing. Yes, it's good to know where your money goes. With MMMNigeria, you'll hear questions like where do those people get the money they pay? how do you know it's legit? So, instead of tackling the questions, I want to help you understand important facts about MMMNigeria so you can answer those questions yourself.

    MMM is a platform where people will provide help and whenever they need help will request help. Mr A provides help of 200,000 to Mr B. After a set amount of time, Mr A comes back and he gets help of 280,000 naira from Mr C. It's a cycle.

    HYIP means high yield investment program. HYIPs are meant to crash unexpectedly when the owner deems fit. MMM has taken this model and has improved it to create a more than viable system. I guess Mr Mavrodi learned from the mistake of Russia.
    Here are reasons why I call it a sustainable HYIP

    • They are not offering massive rates. I personally steer clear of any program that offers above 50% in profits per month. I don't do them. I remember a time when helping revolution was offering 300% in profits, many people lost their hard earned money when it crashed. MMMNigeria is sustainable because it offers moderate interest rate. That's why I stick with it.
    • They have an active customer care. HYIPs and ponzi schemes do not have customer support. If you want to know a ponzi scheme, try their customer care. You'll find that they won't reply you. MMMNigeria recently came up with a customer care line that members can call, just like you call MTN customer care.
    • People are taught how to recruit others. It's optional though. Only if you want to earn more money. That's why they came up with 'PROMO TASKS', where you are given optional daily tasks to do to increase your pay if you want. No HYIP will do that unless one that is sustainable (sustainable meaning that it will last for long).
    3. IS IT LEGAL?
    Yes. It is. Just the same way 'ajo' is legal. 'Ajo' is a yoruba name for cooperative. It might not be legal in the United states but here in Africa, it's legal. They do not operate pyramid scheme nor is it a ponzi. It's a legitimate way to earn money. So, I've been researching other legitimiate ways to earn money and I'll be posting them on this blog but first I have to start with MMMNigeria.

    MMMNigeria was registered by pastor Ernest Mbanefo under the guidance of Sergei Mavrodi. He is a Nigerian pastor based in South Africa. It was going to be an experimental project but then it took off. It was originally registered with a one year domain because no one believed it will grow that fast. Within a year, MMMNigeria now has over 1 million members. The scheme has helped people, stats show that 99% of young Nigerian graduates are into MMM. Why not? Where are the jobs? Many bankers who were retrenched from their work have found a means of livelihood through MMMNigeria and some have been able to start good businesses through their investment dividends.

    No. It hasn't. Here are reasons why it hasn't crashed
    - There is constant information on MMMNigeria website about every new latest development. Schemes that crash thrive on providing little information and hiding. MMMNigeria thrives on transparency and ability to help others and at the same time get helped.
    - They came up with the promo task program.
    - A customer care line was initiated to tackle issues and answer questions.
    - Guider training school is still ongoing.
    - The government has stopped harassing them. The one month freeze was a strategy to make the attention on MMM go away for some time, so MMMNigeria can operate safe and sound for the betterment of Nigerians.
    NOTE: The freezed money can now be withdrawn.


    • Register.
    • Provide help by clicking on the provide help button. Tick everything necessary.
    • Wait for maximum of 14 days to get matched. Check every tuesday and thursday
    • After 30 days, withdraw your funds by clicking on the get help button.
    It's as simple as that. You can invite others to earn more money but it's perfectly optional. Join now. If you need to know more, chat with me on 08103961890. Follow my blog for more legit investments.

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