High Speed Ku-band Satellite Internet for CYBER CAFE (Zero Monthly Subscription)

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    With the various challenges faced by the typical Cyber café owner in Nigeria, the added cost of having to pay monthly bandwidth subscription irrespective of sales is a big issue. This is the main reason why this product was developed.

        * 1. No need for monthly Bandwidth Payments.
        * 2. High Speed connection- Each computer on your network is allocated 64/128kbps 3. bandwidth.
        * 4. Flexible Payments- You only pay when you are using the service. All you need do is maintain a positive float in your account for printing vouchers.

    The Billing Server will produce vouchers per computer on the site (using each computer mac address as registration).  Customers are required to have a float account with us to enable them print tickets.

    Two types of vouchers can be generated by café owners
    1). Per hour vouchers for each computer will cost $0.55 per hour.
    2). Per data volume vouchers for each computer will cost $0.55 for 10mb.
    Send us an email with your enquiries with a detailed description of what you want and how many systems you have for deployment

    Mr Ipadeola
    Firm Consulting Ltd
    Email: info@greenysat.com
    Website: www.greenysat.com/paypergo.html


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