How to Download A Wikipedia Page to An Ebook (PDF)

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    Wikipedia is arguably the biggest online reference resource, and when we read its pages we sometimes want to have a copy for offline purposes. The widely used but ineffective method is to copy the texts on the Wikipedia page and paste it into a word processor.

    What you get from that are disorganized texts that require endless alignment and justification. But if you download the page as PDF, the texts rearrange themselves into a from good for copy-paste and easy to read like a portable document.

    Converting or downloading a Wikipedia page into PDF is fast and easy, and here is how to go about it:

    How to Download Wikipedia Page to An Ebook (PDF)

    * Find your way to the Wikipedia page you to download as a PDF: I found my way to Human Evolution.

    * Scroll down a little on the Wikipedia page and find Download as PDF. This option is located in the left-hand column beside the main article write-up, under the Print/export option category.

    * When you locate the Download as PDF option, click on it.


    * Allow the page to render into PDF.

    * After the rendering of the page in to PDF, you will see a message that displays Rendering finished and also displays a click-able download link.

    * Click on Download the file.


    Most times, clicking on Download the file will take the file down to your local disk; however in some cases the Wikipedia article, instead of downloading, will open as a PDF document within your browser, like the image below.


    * To download the PDF from you browser, hover your mouse over the PDF. This will bring out some hidden options on the PDF page.

    * On the displayed option, click on the download icon and you are done.



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