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    how did i download from
    when you can never find any
    downloading link on youtube.Yes
    is possible if you can do as i did
    you will get it been downloaded.
    Now follow the few steps of mine
    and you will be able to download
    youtube video.I will give you two
    way with which you can download
    from youtube Fistly just logon to
    youtube and search the video you
    like to download,click on the
    particular video you want and copy
    the link in the address bar,now
    logon to and you
    see a space there,past the link you
    copied and click convert,now a
    window will popup with different
    format,click on anyone and you
    where to download it.
    Secondly:you can download youtube
    video by logon to there you will
    be provided with search box,just
    search for any youtube video and
    you will be authomatically be
    provided with download link.Now
    click on download and that is all.
    Lastly: you can download from
    youtube with this method also just
    search for the video you wish to
    download on youtube site and click
    on it to get to the last link of that
    particular video.
    Now lookup you will see the video
    link in the address bar,copy that link
    and logon to,when you get
    there you will see a space in the first
    page of the site,now past the video
    link you copied in box.
    Afer that you see at below of the box
    different format like mp3,mp4,3gp
    and can choose mp3
    format to get only the sound in
    video or 3gp then click convert.A
    pop-up window will show up and it
    will includes download link now click
    on download and that is
    all.subscribe to this blog to recieve
    latest post in your can
    contribute or to ask questions.source of this post

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