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    Do you know you can make cool money while surfing the internet??? Yes! You can!!! And the unique thing about this is you don’t need to pay a certain amount to join, fill lengthy surveys, click limited advertisements that pays a cent or less e.t.c e.t.c... All you just need to do is just register on their site, download their add-ons for your browser and start surfing the net to earn money!

    You might be like "what is in it for the company itself" fact is... they are earning their own money too... how? Well when you download their add-on and install it on your browser, while you are surfing the net, the add-on brings up random adverts that fits seamless into the web page you are viewing that you won’t even know it was the add-on that put it there. You will get paid a little fee for the advert just been there... and IF you do click the advert, you get paid more! To make things clearer, the company gets paid by the advertisers to place the advert in a corner of the webpage you are viewing, and you get paid for letting the advert to be there!  (Like you care if it was there or not!)

    Now for someone who surfs the internet on a daily basis i.e. a heavy surfer, you can make up to $3 or even more a day... did I hear you say small amount? Well let’s check this... You surf for a day, and get paid $3... You surf for a week, and get paid $3 x 7 = $21 wait!!! It gets even better... you surf for one month... You get paid $3 x 31 = $93!!! For what?? for just minding your own business and surfing the net like you always do! I know it sounds unbelievable but I was like just you a few days ago... you might be like what’s with this guy... why type all this just to tell us like you cared if we make money or not.

    Well I’ll give you two reasons why I decided to post this on Guru’s lodge.
    1. When I first made my $20 (in just about a week and few days) I was overwhelmed to breaking point that I just had to tell someone... You guys!
    2. Secondly... there's something in there for me too if you guys do register and check this out, I get referrals!! Yea!! You can get paid 5% or more of what you referrals earn! So assuming all the people that register there with me were 20, I get 20 x 5% = 100% i.e. equivalent to two of me surfing the net at the same time! Or even more if they are all internet freaks! (The kinds that will die if they don’t surf the net for one day), so I might not even log on to the net for like a month and my referrals are making money for me!

    So by now, I expect you to have understood how this works but if you still don’t, you just go to their site where they will explain more to you!
    This is the link to the site (
    Please register with this link as your own way of saying thanks to me for sharing this info... I’ll post other money making stuffs on Guru’s lodge later after I have finished checking out how they work and if it’s legal.

    NB: They pay only through Paypal and Alertpay… and since Nigerians are not allowed to use Paypal, I would advise you to use Alertpay. You can open an Alertpay account for free without using any money and can get your money here in Nigeria or anywhere else via western union.
    Use this link ( ) to open your alertpay account.

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