I am happy with my short,dark and handsome husband - Wife to disabled man

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Mar 14, 2017.

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    A Kenyan woman who is really happy in her marriage,has taken to Facebook to reveal how she met her husband.

    The happy wife disclosed tat her husband who she met in the church, will always tell her that she looks like someone who who will make a good mum for his kids.


    Here's what she wrote;

    "We were worshiping together at a church in 2003.We parted ways in 2004 and we would later meet in 2009.I didn't see him in that boyfriend/girlfriend way but we were friends,normal friends.

    "He would always tell me that I look like a woman who can make a good mom for his kids.Then one thing led to another and in 2010 he proposed.I was overwhelmed,by the love and what people would say.You see he is short and disabled. I wasn't sure about whether to say yes or no so I asked him for more time. I prayed to God and I became sure it was him.

    Many people talked so Ill of us.Some said I accepted him because I was desperate.
    It is all water under a bridge. We had a colorful wedding in 2011. I am so happy with my "short, dark and handsome. We are trying for kids but no pressure at all. I am actually happy. Very happy"

    Credit: Hummingbird /Facebook
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