iphone 7 Water resist.... I am verry verry disapointed

Discussion in 'Iphone' started by blackcats, Nov 30, 2016.

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    My boy (four years old) dropped the new iPhone 7 (on contract) in bucket fill with water, pseudo home button stop working properly, return to cellular provider with warranty, they answer me that water stickers are colored- warranty void, replaced phone for 400 euro!
    Talk with Apple, nice employee told me- blah, blah (technology is not there yet....) that warranty is only for water splash, not for dropped in water!
    I am filing very, very frustrated! I was thinking that Apple do things differently, (where is then 3.5 mm jack then), I think Tim Cook speaks inaccurate things, also I am filing like marketing victim!
    Thank you Apple, am your customer since 2007 year (macs - 5 of them, 5 -iPads, 6- iphones, 1 -watch) and I think never ever will be fooled of you again, I am a wake up - you are another greed company with nice face!
    Just want to share!
    Thank you!
    This Is from Bulgaria EU!

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