Is it possible to learn C++ in a year?

Discussion in 'Developers/Programmers forum' started by ItuExchange, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Update - : I am still in college an as such have a lot of free time which I usually spend gaming. So I thought that I should probably pick up some useful habit, like programming. I am using C++ Primer as my starter book. It’s pretty big, but it seems to be the most recommended book for a beginner.


    Anyone who asks whether they can learn language XXX in NNN days is obligated to look at this comic.

    Please see the comic here: -in-a-year

    If you have the aptitude to teach yourself programming, a year is more than enough to learn enough C++ to be able to write code. You will probably make a lot of mistakes, but you will be able to bang out code. If you get a job, you will probably need some hand-holding, but you can be productive.

    However, there is no person in this world who can say that they have finished learning C++. When you become a programmer, you are signing up for being a lifelong student.

    Neteller here:

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