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    Jamb has decided to bring in
    two novels in the forthcoming
    Jamb exams. According to thd
    Jamb syllabus, every candidate
    who is writing utme this year
    should have a mere knowledge
    of this two books: (1) The
    Potter’s wheel and (2) the
    successors as they will pull-out
    questions on the passages.
    The Potter’s Wheel is written by
    Chukwuemeka Ike adn The
    Succcessors by Jerry Adaga.
    Here is a short summary of the
    two books and some points you
    should not. Incase you don’t
    have the book this might be
    userful for you.
    The potter’s wheel summary
    The book was first publish in
    1973 by vincent chukwuemeka
    the book is a work of fiction
    and the story is unreal, obu was
    five names and was thrown up
    six times by his dad after he
    first in d school, obu
    distiquishin features are big
    heads and big
    nose, obu refuse to go to skul
    when he was 4years old nt five,
    the name of obu’s town
    umuchukwu, the first person to
    own a bicycle is
    okeke okafor n he describe it as
    a blind blind horse, mazi gave
    red flute which was made in
    Japan, mazi(obu’s father) bicycle
    was 16years old, mama osondu
    is refer to as mama doctor
    becaus his son
    (osondu) was d first doctor in
    the village, David was born in
    the same
    week obu was given birth, 2
    films was shot at d war front
    they are
    1.shot of bridges 2. Giganti 3.
    Accident(those films were shot
    the first film) while the second
    film signifies dat d palm kernel
    and rubber mere use to win
    wars, the main film was in form
    of any
    kindom, THE FIRM postray d
    britian to be humane and
    courageous while the german
    were refers to as wicked and
    greedy, heartless and senseless,
    terrorrist that was enlisted into
    the army are kingkong n uke
    the villages intentions are to
    forget them i.e they should die
    in d war front, peace, The
    meanin of some important
    words as use in the potter’s
    wheel passage are as follows:,
    bahama means low grass,
    jioji:cotton, mgbedike: enyim:my
    friend masquerade with a large
    head, oji ugo: a variety of the
    kola nut, ije nwat: mama oti’s
    title meaning the footsteps of a
    child. Samba: a musical
    Points to note in the potter’s
    1)mazi is the fada of obu and he
    gave birth to seven children,
    obu is the 6th and he is the only
    male in the family, his best
    friend is oti while the eldest of
    the three friends is samuel who
    is referred to as the bully n
    2)obu came first in the school
    exam while he was 5 year old
    while ogechukwu is older than
    obu with 3 years, but
    ogechukwu failed, 3)obu said
    he doesnt wan to go to school
    at the age of 5, obu’s father is a
    cloth dealer n he was a dancer
    when he was young, obu’s
    father also have a bicycle but the
    first person 2 ride bicycle in
    ummuana town is chief okeke
    okafor. Obu was given a red
    flute to congratulate him on his
    success, and obuechina was ask
    to name anything he wants and
    he said a goat, mazi his father
    said we have one 4 christmas
    already while obu said he wants
    to learn how to ride a bicycle
    and it was granted unto him, so
    obu’s mother over pampered
    him which led to bed wetting
    and obu was melt to die at his 9
    year birthday, as a result of a
    mark n a stone called ogbanje
    stone which was buried and it
    represent the life of obu, then
    obu wan david to teach him
    how to ride a bicycle bt by that
    time he went to david’s house,
    david was sick while he went to
    polycarps whom has followed
    his brothers to the river 4
    fishing, obu was over pampered
    and his father was not please
    with his mother so he father
    sent him to the village called
    Aka, in mr kanu zacheus’ place
    known as the teacher, the man
    is known to be wicked, himself
    and his wife, on getting there
    obu was maltreated by the wife
    of the teacher, later obu was a
    register in a school central
    school, Obuechina was sent to
    be a houseboy in aka(zacheus
    kanu’s place) he was registered
    in a school called the central
    school where he met an osu girl
    called margret, osu means
    outcast, so obu was classified as
    impure as a result of the
    interaction between him and
    margret, monday was the eldest
    of the houseboys, he is 19yr old,
    after a long while obu likes to
    play tricks on the teacher as a
    result of the way he was treated
    by the teacher’s wife, he wrote
    fake letters to the teacher his
    dad needs him at home but the
    teacher refuse it until his dad
    send madu to visit Aka town to
    check how his son obuechina is
    doing, on getting there, he slept
    over and came back the next
    day with obuechina who his
    mother always call onyigbo, his
    mother was so happy that he
    left what he was doin and
    welcomed obuchina, then obu
    has totally change as a result of
    the lesson he learnt in Aka town.
    story is a work of fiction and its
    unreal….terkura aste0and okoh
    are both workin in provincial
    hotel at makurdi’….mr eze is a
    rich man that usually comes to

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    For the rest,just send ur jamb reg.no and ur 4subject to me on 07063376267.den call

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