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    WARNING:- To my notice, many scammers are there wanting to put food & recharge cards on their phone, by luring you to pay and get jamb runs, i am not saying am the best, but plz call such people b4 you pay coz God/Devil will not answer ur evil prayers towards them by the time they scam you.

    plz on that jamb day, Be awake as early as possible, even sleep by 6pm - 11pm and start ur all night / revision till 4am

    make sure by 6:30am you should be at your centre, never enter quickly untill it becomes a rush for you to enter

    Never drop your phone with anybody [no even security] else get it stolen,

    never submit your phone to l8tr come and take it, bet you na bye bye be dat coz men wen no get joy after d jamb go use ur phone compensate dia failure.

    Dress coperate and load-free, try and keep your brain busy,

    after a first search at the gate, you ll be re-searched in the hall [dont be in haste to bring out ur expo plzzzzz not untill 30mins to closing]

    Pray b4 you start.

    Dont be discouraged by the faces of ur fello jambites even if they are sleeping.

    Always put [+270] @the back of your mind in any question you answer.

    Any question u dont know, write out the number and jump till d next one.

    2 paper type in a question ll neva fail u,

    Hold couple of #500, #1000, #200 in case of sorting...

    B4 u use any expo always read out the questions.

    Tell yourself that you are not dull in all aspect so dont retire...

    Finally b frndly, i mean very frndly wiv ur seat mates u might help one another.

    Well well i dont have much to say, but easily more jamb trickz are evenly revealed and distributed to my candidates.

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    To those who would like copy copy, note: any expo u see a day b4 jamb exam if total fake.
    Even if you want to enter the examination hall with your mobile phone switch it off and cover with carbon paper, I mean the one used in writting receipt. Cover the whole part of the phone, machine will never detect it.
    Secondly do exactly what the great scientist quote "Don't leave it idle, use your brain"
    In conclusion never panic, don't dull we are talking about your future, so be wise inside the examination, write it as if it's your life which u cannot do without.
    4 jamb answers, call 070 666 284 53

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