[Java] Mini Commander [JAD Generator For Nokia] Modified By Bassel

Discussion in 'DELETED POSTS' started by Babadinho, Jan 7, 2012.

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    We all know that nokia s40 files managers can not show files with ".jar .jad or .rms"

    For example: Mini Commander 4.2
    But Mini Commander has in-built JAD generator and to s40 users can not use this feature because JAR file should have .jar extention
    Also generated JAD file will have .jad extention
    So, I had modified Mini Commander to generate JAD files for s40
    Mini Commander modified for generating JAD files on nokia s40 phones


        Rename any application to app name_jar
        Click right soft key >File>Make JAD
        Close Mini Commander and navigate to JAR & JAD path
        Rename files from "app name_jar" to "app name.jar" & from "app name_jad" to "app name.jad"

    Note: Generated JAD File is multitask able

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