Laila's Blog reader in need of low sperm count solution needs your help urgently...

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Dear Aunty Laila, please we need help from your great readers. I am T****, my elder sister dated her husband for 7 years before they finally got married.
    During this 7 years of dating, she never got pregnant. She wasn't bothered because she was still in school. They dated for 7yrs, this guy has nothing. He was so poor, but managed to finish as a bachelor degree holder. After they both graduated, they got
    married and the man started business.
    The business favoured him, he bought a car and built a house. He also bought a car for my sister. He loves her so much that he never allowed her to use her certificate to work.
    The painful part is that when they were yet to conceive, my sister got worried and demanded they see a doctor. They found out that he has low sperm count and was given medications and other treatments. But no progress yet.
    He has also tried herbal yet no solution. He has refused going for other solutions since the ones he tried didn't work. They are Christians, they always ask God for blessings through fasting and prayers.
    As a guy I got scared, becos I never knew such things exist. My girl friend always complains about me being weak in bed, I always tell her she likes sex too much and my sperm is also very light. I have never really got any girl pregnant, I'm kind of scared to go see a doc.
    Please any one who has passed through this and with success story should please give us the name of the right medication whether herbal or any.
    My sister is so worried, I can feel her pains. She's almost 35. She doesn't want to leave her marriage and she loves her husband too. Pls help. Thanks.
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