LanternSoft Quick Launch v1.02(0)S60 v3v5 S^1^3^4^5 UnSigned Retail by DSPDA [ 1/12/2011]

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    LanternSoft Quick Launch v1.02(0) S60v3v5 S^1^3^4^5 UnSigned Retail by DSPDA  [1/12/2011]

    [img width=314 height=558][/img][img width=314 height=558][/img]

    Use the camera key even when the phone is locked.
    Do you like " Night Light " , but it eats up half of the battery over night?
    Need a flashlight at night, but do not want to unlock the screen?
    There is a solution! Set any of these applications on the camera button and run only when you need it.
    Changelogs v1.02
    - More strict list of apps
    - Delay before run selected applicaton work properly now.

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