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    2day ago we have problem with etisalat and i get call from all place people disturb me about the etisalat that have stop browsing so i decide to help them by creating a browser 4 etisalat which is very fast and i notice some phone  do nt suport  opera6.0 can't work and sleader and i decided 2mod 5.2 and 4.2 to your own satifaction here we go wit the help of sleader i final resolve chaet problem since etisalat cliam to b etiwise as sleader hav say many mre ar cming 4rm us download this opera wit working cheat in it.....afta downloading try 2 hav some money in d phone 2 fasting d instalation afta dat u ar 2ru u can now brows and download free.
    Symbia user download ur all etisalat browser hear 6.0 4.2 and 5.2
    etisalat latest browser
    Jave user download ur browser hear
    ucweb mod by deprince
    opera6.0 mod by deprince
    opera5.2 mod by deprince
    opera4.2 mod by sleader
    Enjoy all is 4 u not nokai etiwise most go back to etimumu

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