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    One of the reasons why people get so
    sentimental,,its because,memories are
    the only things that dont change when
    everything else does.There are things in
    life that you can't hold on forever no
    matter how much you fight for it. Sometimes,destiny isn't always good,it
    becomes playful.When you met
    someone,you learned to love,you
    thought that it was destiny who made
    your paths cross,,but what if making
    your paths cross is just part of the game that the playful destiny
    you realized in the end that the person
    you thought that was destined for you
    wasn't really meant to stay,but only
    destined to make you feel love and
    leave you when you've already fallen. You can never own something that was
    never let's stop gripping on
    things we expect to last
    forever.Nothing last forever.Forever is a
    lie.Everything is transitory.
    So while you have something in your hand,put in mind that it's just
    borrowed.,so that someday when its
    gone,it won't take you eternity just to
    let it go.It's always wise to stop for a
    while and give your heart a time to
    breathe..a time to used your mind to weigh the situation based on reason
    not on emotion.,because the saddest
    thing that can happen is when one fall
    inlove while the other wants nothing
    morethan friendship.
    Love can sometimes be magic,,but magic can sometimes be an
    illusion.There are times when i wish that
    i was limited to certain emotions so that
    i'll never have to experience pain..never
    feel betrayed or disappointed and
    never get my fragile heart broken.But the same thing means that i'll never
    know how it feels to love and be loved
    in returned,the thought of it kind of
    scares me.To have a heart that's whole
    but numb,or a heart that's broken but
    real.. Someday,we'll all looking back to those
    days we learned to love,get
    hurt,cry,and fight.Maybe when that time
    comes,we'll be laughing at our old
    dumb selves,realizing how stupid we
    were to stand up for things we knew weren't really meant for us.
    But i guess learning takes time,and
    mistakes make one's journey fun.Life is
    what we make it.Love makes the world
    go round..
    [move]So let's live,love and take whatever pain it brings![/move]

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