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    Magicka v1.4.3.2 update cracked-THETA
    Release: 2011
    Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure | Developer: Arrowhead Game Studio
    Language: English | PC game
    Size: 260.20 MB | MuLTi

    Magickais a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world basedon Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from asacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown theworld into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.

    Players will be able to combine the elements to cast spells, wreaking havoc and devastation on the minions of darkness. They will also be able to team up with friends and fight their way through the campaign, or test their skills in the magickal arts through other challenging modes.
    In Magicka, up to four players take on a grand adventure to save their world from certain doom using a fully dynamic spell system. The adventure mode takes the players across three different levels, ranging from the lush forests of mountain valleys to the frozen halls of the Mountain King where wits and creative thinking are the keys to victory.
    In the unlockable hardcore challenge mode, players fight off waves of enemies to earn their place on local and online leaderboards.

    • Innovative and dynamic spell casting system
    • Up to four-player co-op in all game modes, as well as a single-player option
    • Fight your way through 13 different campaign levels
    • Explore an expansive realm of adventure to defeat the evil wizard
    • Find and unlock challenges, items, and powerful Magicks
    • Experience the parody and satire of a cliched fantasy world

    Including "Wizard's Survival Kit" DLC:
    - Wizard's Hat (item) - No wizard of note would ever be seen outdoors without one of these pointy hats.
    - Sharp Sword (item) - The instruction reads “stick them with the pointy end”. Good to have in a pinch.
    - Staff +1 (item) - Whack your foes over the head, use it to prod mucky waters or lean on it to look cool - the staff +1 let’s you do all of it in style.
    - Meteor Shower (new Magick) - Rain burning rocks down on your enemies. ‘Nuff said.

    Including "Vietnam" DLC:
    Magicka: Vietnam is the first mission DLC for the highly popular PC action/adventure game Magicka. Nowadays it seems like every game is getting a Vietnam add-on and Magicka is no exception.
    Magicka: Vietnam features a lengthy challenge scenario that puts you in the boots of a Wizard GI. Venture deep into the Goblin-Cong jungle, with up to three fellow soldiers, to liberate prisoners from a POW camp. Then you must destroy enemy positions, escape the perils of the jungle and return safely to the evacuation helicopter.
    At the request of the community, Magicka: Vietnam also features a new challenge map with increased difficulty.
    In the Magickal jungles of Vietnam you'll have an array of Vietnam-era weapons and a special Magick that calls in a napalm strikes on enemy positions. Players will of course still have access to what makes Magicka truly unique – the dynamic spell casting system and a healthy dose of humour.
    • Vietnam themed game world with a twist.
    • 2 Challenge maps (1 scenario challenge & 1 survival challenge)
    • New Vietnam themed enemies.
    • Many new Vietnam era weapons
    • Stylish GI Wizard robe
    • New Magick – Napalm strike
    • Innovative and dynamic spell casting system with thousands of possible combinations.
    • Up to four player co-op in all game modes as well as single player option.
    • Experience the parody and satire of a cliche fantasy world/jungle war.

    Including "Marshlands" DLC:
    Left for dead, your party is faced with the terrible hordes of the undead and some of their friends. This challenge contains a large area for the players to move around and plenty of room for the hordes to really spread out and surround you. If you like splashing around in murky waters trying to dismember zombies, this is the challenge for you.
    • Two completely new challenges with 20 waves each.
    • New spawn situations such as goblin troops arriving via elevator or zombies crawling up through the ground, all around you.
    • Completely new challenge environment
    • 20 deadly waves of enemies unseen in challenges
    • "It came from the swamp" entry point for enemies.

    Including "Nippon" DLC:
    The Magicka: Nippon DLC includes:
    - 1 Kimono robe
    - 1 Katana - "Yawarakai-Te" (cuts through armor)
    - 1 Bamboo Staff - "Staff of Endurance" (resistance to all elements)

    The Nippon DLC contains everything wizards need to honor their Far-East friends in a time of need.

    Including "Final Frontier" DLC:
    The Final Frontier DLC pack contains an all new map, the Vulcanus Arena, both for the Versus and Challenge game modes. Also included is an entirely new robe and gear. The Vulcanus Arena is the perfect spot to fight to prove your honor. Wizards who dual each other on this arena and live, often do so for a long time and have a tendency to also do it quite prosperously.
    • New map for the Versus game mode
    • New map for the Challenge game mode
    • Map includes fantastic quality props
    • New sci fi robe
    • Type 2 Plastic Prop permanently set to stun and the deadly Duel Staff
    • Increased nerd factor

    Including "The Watchtower" DLC:
    The old watchtower was once used to get a proper view over Midgard but now Wizards have claimed it to settle disputes slightly less petty than the once settled in Aldrheim’s old Training Grounds. This is indeed an epic location for duels and how the wizards get up there in the first place, no one knows.
    • New map for the Versus game mode
    • The absense of a railing on a mountaintop ruin provides new environmental hazzard
    • Height differences not only refers to the deadly fall but also the different platforms of the tower.

    Including "Frozen Lake" DLC:
    In the Frozen Lake DLC, only the boldest Wizards challenge each other on a large body of water, the Wizards inability to tread water is a more common cause of death during these duels than the successful spellcasting of the opponent.
    • New map for the Versus game mode
    • Frozen water provides new environmental hazzard
    • Contains many different pleasing shades of blue and white

    Including "Party Robes" DLC:
    No, not that kind of party.

    Lately Castle Aldrheim produced these robes for wizards who like to travel in a group. Whether they quest, grind raid or duel in the arenas, these robes are sure to give the group an edge. Only a wizard that trusts his “friends” would bring a Party Robe to a duel.
    Tank Robe can take a lot of punishment and help his “friends” get an upper hand on the situation.
    Rogue Robe is mostly nowhere to be seen in a fight, but now and then, he strikes from the shadows.
    Support Robe makes sure his groups spellcasting is at its best.

    Including "Gamer Bundle" DLC:
    The Gamer Bundle contains three new robes inspired by some of the developers favorite games. Armed to the teeth with new exciting gear these diverse robes will give the players plenty of new tactics to employ in all existing game modes:
    • The Zombie Robe is a resilient one. This number has a freaky, yet oddly appealing, parasite attached to it’s head. For some reason it turns the wearer into some type of shambling, incomprehensible, crow bar wielding monster. But that’s okay because, while a bit slower, the wearer can now take a punch or two thousand.
    • Wizards have been known to go through great lengths in order to cosplay as their favorite game characters. The Tentacle Robe, and it’s accompanying Ray-Gun, are great for conventions as well as general forest wear. While some people might point and laugh at this wizard, others would just love to have their photo taken next to him (or her.)
    • Epic Robe is epic claims this wizard. While he may have lost his mount he still has all his other epic gear. The epic amount of hours and sodas he consumed to earn it is no match for the even more epic-y-ness of the sword and armor.


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