Make Instant $17 into ur liberty reserve Account

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    Exchange earning

    Break into your Financial Freedom do not pay any one to teach about online business
    i have paid heavily to so many brokers and Forex marketers just to get this and i am
    unveiling it here for free do not pay any one to get this, start making you own earnings
    online its free just follow the procedure below.

    (1). Fund your Liberty Reserve account with a Minimum of $50, because of the
    transaction charges and you interest rate.

    *To open a liberty Reserve Account its free go to
    *To open a Perfect Money Account its free go to

    Note: To fund or Withdraw from your Liberty Reserve Account, go to
    Note:LR Means liberty Reserve
    PM Means Perfect Money.

    How to Earn from Currency exchange

    (2). To earn from currency exchange Go to and
    exchange $50 from your Liberty Reserve account to your Perfect Money account.
    $1 LR------>$1. 35 PM, so $50LR----> $67.5 PM.
    and when you re-exchange $67.5 PM------>$67.5 LR you have made a profit of $17 to
    your $50LR.

    (3). Repeat the exchange process from LR---->PM, and PM--->LR .

    You can always increase your capital, because the more money you exchange the
    faster you make your cash. I make up to $217 in my Liberty Reserve account per
    day with my $50 Capital.
    pls post your proofs and testimonies wen u have confirmed urs
    enjoy guys

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