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    When you register in Lyricash for 5000 naira, you get to open an account and then start the business.

    the bsuiness allow you to access music that you can select and gather points from. the number of music you can select depend on the level you attain, so to attain those levels so that you can get more msuic and gather more points, you will need to build a music community on the platform by introducing people to the business.

    You will only need to introduce 4 people. Out of the 4 people, you will keep 2 and pass two to who introduced you into the business.
    What i mean is that, Lyricash will pay you 4k each for those two people you keep, and then pay the guy who introduce you 4k each for the two people you passed to him.

    The two people you kept will also pass two people each to you as they get their own 4 people into their community too. This people you keep and that are passed to you are called your PAYLINE community members.
    i.e. Anybody who is in your payline will always pass two people to you from their community (passing two people means you will get 4k payment for each of them).

    1. N4000
    2. 50LP (this are points that gets converted to money)
    3. You get 50% cash of whatever they use to purchase music on the platform
    4. Your payline pay you N4000 monthly as long as they are making money.

    You make money from music, and also make money from build a music community.

    Level 1........ 2 people you keep in payline out of the 4 people ........... N8000

    Level 2..... the 2 people above will give you 4 people ................. N16000

    Level 3..... the 4 people will give you 8 people .......... N32000

    Level 4...... the 8 people will give you 16 people ............. N64000

    Level 5....... the 16 people will give you 32 people ........ N128,000

    Level 6 .....the 32 people will give you 64 people........ N 256,0000

    Level 7.... The 64 people will give you 128 people... N512,000

    Level 8... The 128 people will give you 256 people.... N1,024,000

    it continues like that to infinity. Thats just one way Lyricash pays you.

    people wont even have to use their personal money to buy the songs on Lyricash, the system gives you enough money to be able to afford the songs. All you will ever spend in this business is the N5000 registration.

    We want people to enjoy a better lifestyle making money, while having fun.
    Lyricash is the future, nothing like it ever exist in the history of online business.



    1. Click on JOIN NOW
    2. Wait for your sponsor name to load (it's automatic and can't be edited)
    3. Select the INDIVIDUAL package (it will show the amount)
    4. Click on NEXT
    5. Fill in your details (name password etc)
    6. Submit it
    7. Select your payment method suitable for you
    8. click on finish
    9. Go ahead and Make your payment so that you can be activated.
    10. You will get a notification as sms once you have been activated.

    Immediately after payment, kindly forward your "username and email" to 07030305986 for quick activation, and if you are using online transfer, put your username as REMARK during payment process.
    Lyricash is a bussiness with a real life office in Lagos.
    Call T-baba on 08067271796 for more information.

    Now this is something real.. Why not put some efforts.. Your future lies in your hands!!

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