Mathemator1.0beta EN by Rebel@POPDA S60v3 OS9.x

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    Mathemator1.0beta EN
    by Rebel@POPDA
    Author: BSCS
    EN: Rebel
    Special Thanks to
    [IMG] General information
    about the Mathemator
    It is useful for
    students in math
    classes, schools and
    higher education, and
    not only them.
    Main Features
    The program is able to
    do the main
    calculations. It has all
    sorts of formulas that
    allow different kinds
    of calculations, you
    just enter a few
    numbers and you'll get
    an answer. As can be
    seen from the main
    menu of the program, it
    can help with the
    following school
    chemistry, physics and
    biology. In each section
    there are one to several
    functions, and even
    other sections. Do not
    forget that this is a
    test version of the
    program in the future
    the number of features
    and sections will be
    To use this calculator,
    just enter the first
    number and select the
    action. Then enter the
    second number and
    press the Call button or
    select "Calculate". To
    reset a result, the need
    to press C (backspace)
    or menu, choose
    "Reset".It is able to
    carry over numbers
    different mathematical
    operations, such
    multiplication, division,
    computation of
    interest, finding the
    sine, cosine, tangent,
    roots of numbers,
    raising to different
    degrees (in the future,
    the number of
    opportunities to be
    they pretty easy to use.
    The relevant section,
    press the left soft key,
    then select "Insert
    function". In the pop
    field, write a function
    whose graph you want.
    Here's an example:"y =
    2x2(x+2) + 2x + 2" -
    write "y =" not
    necessarily, as well as
    signs of multiplication
    and exponentiation. Тa
    number that stands in
    front of x, with
    plotting program will
    be multiplied by x, and
    one that appears after
    the x, will be a power
    of x. Register
    introduced function is
    not considered. In order
    to increase the
    schedule, press * to
    reduce the - #. To clear
    the graph then press C
    (Backspace). To make a
    screenshot, press the
    select button.[IMG]

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    Abeg get  us anoda download link oo

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