MBMN International Queen Christy Daniel Talks About Modelling On Latest Edition Of Dazzle...

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Jan 23, 2017.

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    One of Nigeria's promising modelling contest, Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria is in the news again with the interview held with Queen Christy Daniel, MBMN International.


    The light skinned pretty damsel spoke about herself and other Sundry Issues about the modelling industry. Read the interview excerpt after the cut...

    ‎1. Tell us about you?‎
    ‎I am Queen Christy Daniel
    Most beautiful model in Nigeria International, from Akwa Ibom state,Nigeria. I believe am a simple, smart, bold and easy going lady. I just love to stick to what makes me happy and stay happy.


    ‎2. About your education?‎
    ‎I am a graduate of Biological science from the university of Abuja. I also bagged a postgraduate diploma in Health safety and environment( HSE)

    ‎3. What motivate you into modelling?
    My modelling ambition has been from my formative years. ‎That is the fact that I have got the right attitude and looks for modelling with an excellent stamina for it too.‎ I will not lose sight of my manager's Alex Nwankwo (alexreports) who has given me guidance on the right tips.

    ‎4.kindly describe your kind of modeling style?
    There are several types of modelling that abound in the industry but‎ I prefer commercial modelling and I do more of that. Expressing a feeling, attitude or physical looks through advertisements on goods or services on media platforms such as billboards, televisions and print adverts.


    ‎6. Who is your role model?‎
    ‎I would say Omotala Jalade. She\'s not just my role model in commercial modeling but also in acting

    ‎7. What do you know about modelling in Nigeria?
    ‎‎The Modelling industry is big but the growth has been impressive. I just know they are doing well and making great improvements


    ‎8. What project are you working on now?‎
    ‎The PTCF project( protect the child\'s feet). It is a project by my office as a queen and it is focused mainly on school aged children to educate them on foot safety to avoid infections and encourage education among the kids by donating the FREE shoes for safety (shoes that grows) that have been uniquely designed for them to help protect their feet and encourage them to be in school.


    ‎9.what role was the toughest role for you to change into?
    Lol! In acting you just have to assume the position of someone else but the toughest for me has actually been having to act as that street bad girl. Lol

    10. What is your advice for the up and coming models??
    Models should first of all know their worth and selling point especially in their appearance or body language. ‎Develop a positive attitude, be bold and professional, radiate confidence and assertiveness... and your vision will be made real.

    I am glad you enjoyed my story. Visit us at to stay updated with more interesting/exclusive news like these. Click HERE now to do that.

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