Meet the Most Fashionable ladies on Laila's Blog (photos)

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Feb 18, 2017.

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    These are women who were voted the Most Fashionable by Lailans in our weekly Most Fashionable Reader competitions. And I present them to you in no particular order:

    1. STEPH:


    Steph contested HERE back in 2014 against some very gorgeous Lailans and won HERE. She's a stunning lady!


    When Blessing Kofya, contested, also in 2014, she was an upcoming Nollywood actress then.


    Check out her competition pictures HERE and her win HERE.

    • 3. SALMA


    Gorgeous Salma was up against OAP Eve & Anne HERE. And she won HERE.

    • 4. LINDA:


    Linda is a graduate of Madonna University, studied Accounting. She contested HERE and won HERE.

    Last but not the least for today is:

    • 5. ABBY:


    Now 27 years old, Abby had just graduated from a University in the US, studied medicine and in Nigeria to see her family when she contested. See that HERE and HERE.

    Laila's Blog is still in the business of celebrating her blog readers like celebrities. List as shown above was in no particular order.

    To be continued next week....

    I am glad you enjoyed my story. Visit us at to stay updated with more interesting/exclusive news like these. Click HERE now to do that.

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