Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater PC

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      [img width=105 height=150][/img]
    genre :
    Stealth action
    type :
    full iso | emulated & repacked
    200 MB, single link
    Detail :
    size :
    3.06 GB
    recovery record :
    host :
    uploadorb, mediafire, multiupload +
    The story begins in the era of the Cold War between USA and Russia, where we enter the mission of the now legendary Snake, once their mission advanced a little we find that his former mentor "The Boss" has switched sides for unknown reasons and asks him to give up its mission being thrown by a bridge, while the boss is removed with the cobras the new group of enemy we face.   
    [img width=150 height=80][/img] [img width=150 height=80][/img] [img width=150 height=80][/img]
    installation screenshots:
    [img width=150 height=70][/img] [img width=150 height=70][/img] [img width=150 height=70][/img]

    Minimum System Requirements:
    OS : xp / vista / 7
    CPU: 2.2 ghz dual core
    RAM: 2 GB
    GFX card: 512 MB
    1. extract
    2. mount or burn the iso image
    3. install
    4. play

    tutorial video:
    [ MB [with 5% recovery]

    single link [with 5% recovery]
    no password..

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