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    SwissCoin is a new cryptocurrency that has her headquarter in Canton, Zurich, Switzerland which is the new crypto valley. Our neighbors are famous famous cryptocurrency companies such as bitcoin, ETHERUM, minetas, SM and many more. This is precisely where the future of currency and cryptography will be printed. Most of her partners are from Germany with CEO, Schweitzisk . It's not a PONZI scheme neither is it HYIP, but a cryptocurrency(just like Bitcoin).

    Cryptocurrency, which is digital money was first created in 2009 from the technology, *blockchain*
    Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency company to enter the market, as there are now most of them. Bitcoin started trading at $0.02 and 4 years later it was traded at over $1100 - today, its value is close to $986.23

    The reason why the value of a cryptocurrency goes up, is because it is set by supply and demand, meaning that the more people want to mine and own the coin, the higher the price becomes.

    Swisscoin as earlier said, is a brand new cryptocurrency. It was pre-launched on May 11th and our blockchain went live and started mining the first batch of coin on Saturday, June 4th.

    Members of Swisscoin are today mining this coin at lowest possible value at 0.15 euro, and is expected to rise as time goes on.

    Swisscoin trading and merchant platform will be opened in February 2017. After that, merchants will start accepting Swisscoin as payment method and trading goes PUBLIC.

    The product that Swisscoin offers to its members is different levels of educational packs within cryptocurrency and finance, so that one can educate themselves on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which is by guarantee the future of payments.
    These educational packages ranges from 25 euro and up to 15,000 euro.

    In the pack you purchase you will also receive "tokens" that are used to generate Swisscoin. In the system, you will receive 4 tokens for €0.15.
    Meaning if you Invest €500, you will get 5000 tokens. You will also receive 1 split in your pack (a split will double up your tokens) giving you a total of 10,000 tokens.
    Its quite unfortunate that both the first and second split (with mining rate of 1/1 and 2/1 respectively) have come and gone, but we still have ample opportunity to witness the third split which has its split indicator at 92%

    Today as we are still mining at lowest rate possible (4/1) you get 1 swisscoin out of 4 tokens in the mining process, as more coins are mined over time, the difficulty will increase.
    Assuming you bought a €500 which gives you 5000 tokens. When split occurs, your 5000 tokens will be doubled to 10000 which gives you 2500 swisscoins(10000/4) cos the mining rate is 4:1(4 tokens to 1 swisscoin) and as the value of the coin increases, so does the value of your total amount of coin do.

    When Swisscoin is valued at only 1euro, your investment of €500 would be worth €2500 (as you have 2,500 coins).

    We also have phenomenal compensation plans where Swisscoin pays you commission to help educate more people and help them to benefit from Swisscoin .

    From any direct sale of our educational packs, you will receive 10% of the volume in commission, no limits to how many people you can "sponsor" in with your link.

    If you have a 50euro package or above yourself, you will also be eligible for "team bonus" with is between paid out daily, commission ranging from 2-22% of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity.

    If you have a 250euro package or above yourself you are also eligible for "matching bonus" witch pays on our your team commission in 11 generations down, ranging from 1-20% of their earned commissions, matched by company.

    We have a Diamond rank bonus pool set aside by 1% of all sales done world wide, shared among diamonds and above.

    There is also different ranking bonuses ranking from a laptop, gold Rolex, cash, luxury house anywhere you want and more.

    Register through to get your free 100 swisscoins now cos there are just limited pieces left.

    For more info, contact 07036819395 ( both Whatsapp & Telegram messages)

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