N97/X6/5800/5230/5530 Performance Boost Pack 2.1

Discussion in 'DELETED POSTS' started by Slimderek, Oct 15, 2011.

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    [move]N97/X6/5800/5230/5530 Performance Boost Pack 2.1[/move]
    According to the following three posts, Someone pack up some of the mods into one SIS file as I feel that it's so troublesome to install tons of SIS. Hope that it means something for you.

    Mods includes:
    (credits go to bronxboy)
    Move browser cache to D:\
    Increase web page render speed
    Reduce browser crashing
    Improve camera 1 & 2 quality
    Speed up ks & increase sensitivity
    Redirect media to E:\Download\Media
    Redirect received files to E:\Received
    Remove boot screen & sound
    Increase speed of screen rotation
    Increase headphone volume

    (credits go to NP)
    UI acceleration mod
    Cam mod to save RAM
    Remove widget security warnings
    Video telephone quality mod
    Voice recorder quality mod

    (credits go to lasikie)
    N97 call screen rotation fix (N97 only)

    ================================================== ===
    v2 updates (May 1, 2010)
    X6 version is made. Tell me if that works. =]
    Move the browser cache to E:\ instead of D:\
    Restore the boot screen & sound. I personally want to save that. You can mod that according to NP's post.

    ================================================== ====
    v2.1 updates (May 2, 2010)
    5800 version is made. Tell me if that works. =]
    Faster screen rotation
    Faster kinetic scrolling
    Faster app launching
    More responsive OS

    Please uninstall the old one first before installing the new one.

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