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    a charity network/community design for peer to peer donation and help in order to improve the standard of living of the entire society at large. The system is designed to auto-match members for donation, thereby overcoming the problem of been forced to bring referral(s) (NO FORCED REFERRAL). On this platform, members donate and receive directly from one another with returns on donations.

    Visit and click on the Sign Up link to complete your registration with full details including valid email and contact number.
    On successful registration, you are automatically logged into the dashboard (members’ area)
    You are advised to check your mail for confirmation message as soon as possible for verification should in case you might need to be reminded of your password.
    2 Add Payment Options You will be asked to add your payment option which include valid bank name, bank account number etc. in order for other participants to donate to you.
    3. Make Donation For Upgrade You will be automatically matched to a member to make your first donation, remember to always reach out to the recipient before going ahead to make payment.
    Payment must be made within 24hours of matching, hence if you don’t have access to Internet/Mobile banking platform, don’t register on weekends. This platform has three stages of upgrades. At stage one participant donate NGN5,000 to enable him/her qualifies for NGN20,000 to be donated by other four participants.
    In stage two participants donate 10,000naira to makes him or her qualifies to receive 10,000naira each from 4 participants. In stage three participants upgrade with 20,000naira to makes him or her qualifies for 80,000naira, NGN20,000 each from 4 participants. Our system allows for automatic cycling i.e. movement of participant from level1 to level 3 and back to level 1 until member is tired of earning. Be rest assure of making not less than 110,000naira per completed cycle. Our unique model is designed to stand the test of time.
    NOTE: There is compensation bonus of N500 for anyone that register through any of our member's unique link on the dashbord. Referral bonuses are paid after accumulating to N5000. Because referral as nothing to do with being matched, hence the compensation, referring others won’t enhance your speed of matching but will help the system/community.
    Everyone is equal on NAIRATAB

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