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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Damighty, Feb 25, 2017.

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    *Get 50% interest in less than 20 days on SquareAid*

    SquareAid is a global financial social community that operate strictly on the principle of givers never lack. We have been proven to be the best online to stand the test of time, with no central account all payments are made between members known as the P2P (PEER TO PEER) donation method, which a member who wants to Give Help or Get Help is safe to do so and also get in contact with matched participant for each transaction to be carried out smart and efficiently.

    SquareAid is not for all comers but strictly for Bitcoin Enthusiasts


    SquareAid enable members world wide have their money work for them, by giving participants in the system a 50% (Percent) profit in return after 15 days.

    Any help given (Give Help) will be allowed for it's investment period to be completed before a participant will be allowed to withdraw his/her profit including capital (Get Help)

    Once you make donation, you are automatically match to receive donation from other people.
    Please note that you have only 24hours to make payment.

    Nigerians are not accepted in this program for now. So register with a foreign profile to benefit from the program. Choose any country and a foreign name will do.

    *Join the Telegram group*

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